all about Jim

Jim, well, what can you cay about Jim that hasn't been said before? Great stand up guy... that really doesn't smell all that bad!

Jim lives in Shawnigan lake with his wife, two kids, 6 goldfish, 2 cats and 4 guitars.  

He's found life as a family man tends to leave no time for hobbies, which of course makes them all the more desireable. So now it is his dream to try and make his writing of music and books become viable bill paying options.  

The hero of this story "Stan the Man", might be Jim's alter ego... He released a rock album with a band called Universal Surf in 2000, and hopes that if this book sells, then the album may soon follow... in the mean time, if you have any plumbing issues, and live close enough, give him a call ~ he needs the work!

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